like to / unto (conj./prep.)
similar to, comparable with
1H6 I.v.26[Talbot alone] Now, like to whelps, we crying run away
1H6 II.ii.30[Burgundy to all, of the Dauphin and Pucelle] Like to a pair of loving turtle-doves
1H6 II.v.11[Mortimer to Gaoler] pithless arms, like to a withered vine
1H6 IV.i.23[Talbot to all, of Falstaff] Like to a trusty squire did run away
2H4 II.iv.244[Falstaff to Doll, of Poins] [he] wears his boots very smooth like unto the sign of the leg
2H4 IV.i.216[Hastings to all, of King Henry IV] his power, like to a fangless lion, / May offer, but not hold
2H6 II.i.191[Gloucester to all, of the Duchess] if she have ... conversed with such / As, like to pitch, defile nobility
2H6 II.iv.98[Stanley to Duchess] Like to a duchess and Duke Humphrey's lady, / According to that state you shall be used
2H6 III.i.353[York alone] the golden circuit on my head, / Like to the glorious sun's transparent beams
2H6 III.ii.176[Warwick to all, of dead Gloucester] His well-proportioned beard made rough and rugged, / Like to the summer's corn by tempest lodged
2H6 IV.ix.32[King to all, of his position] Like to a ship that, having 'scaped a tempest, / Is straightway calmed and boarded with a pirate
2H6 V.i.100[York to King] That gold must round engirt these brows of mine, / Whose smile and frown, like to Achilles' spear, / Is able with the change to kill and cure
3H6 II.i.128[Warwick to all, of his soldiers] Their weapons like to lightning came and went
3H6 II.iii.18[Richard to Warwick, of Warwick's brother] he cried, / Like to a dismal clangour heard from far, / ‘Warwick, revenge!’
3H6 II.v.1[King alone] This battle fares like to the morning's war
3H6 III.ii.161[Richard alone, describing his body] Like to a chaos
3H6 IV.viii.20[Warwick to all, of the King] Like to his island girt in with the ocean ... / Shall rest in London till we come to him
3H6 V.vii.3[Edward to all] What valiant foemen, like to autumn's corn, / Have we mowed down
Cor I.iii.37[Volumnia to Virgilia, of Coriolanus] forth he goes, / Like to a harvest-man that's tasked to mow / Or all or lose his hire
Cor IV.i.30[Coriolanus to Volumnia] I go alone, / Like to a lonely dragon
Cor V.ii.20[Menenius to First Watch] Like to a bowl upon a subtle ground
E3 I.i.42[King Edward to Artois] This counsel, Artois, like to fruitful showers, / Hath added growth unto my dignity
E3 II.i.116[King Edward to Lodowick, of the Countess] Her hair ... / Like to a flattering glass
E3 III.i.69[Mariner to King John] Like to a meadow full of sundry flowers
E3 III.ii.50[Third Frenchman to all] ransack-constraining war / Sits like to ravens upon your houses' tops
E3 V.i.139[Salisbury to all] in the midst, like to a slender point / Within the compass of the horizon
H5 III.iii.16[King Henry to all] impious war, / Arrayed in flames, like to the prince of fiends
H5 III.iii.4[King Henry to all] Or, like to men proud of destruction
H5 IV.iii.105[King Henry to Montjoy, of the English] being dead, like to the bullet's crasing, / Break out into a second course of mischief
H5 V.chorus.26[Chorus] Like to the senators of th'antique Rome
H8 II.iv.159[King Henry to Cardinal, of the latter's enemies] like to village curs, / Bark when their fellows do
JC I.iii.81[Cassius to Casca] Romans now / Have thews and limbs like to their ancestors

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