Aeneas (n.)
[pron: e'nayas] Trojan hero, son of Anchises and Aphrodite; in Roman legend, the ancestor of the Romans
2H6 V.ii.62[Young Clifford to his dead father] So bear I thee upon my manly shoulders; / As did Aeneas old Anchises bear
AC IV.xiv.53[Antony alone] Dido and her Aeneas shall want troops / And all the haunt be ours
Cym III.iv.59[Innogen to Pisanio] True honest men, being heard like false Aeneas, / Were in his time thought false
Ham II.ii.445[Hamlet to First Player, of a speech] 'Twas Aeneas' tale to Dido
JC I.ii.112[Cassius to Brutus] Aeneas, our great ancestor
TC I.i.107.1[stage direction] Enter Aeneas
Tem II.i.81[Sebastian to Antonio, of Gonzalo] What if he had said ‘widower Aeneas’ too?
Tit III.ii.27[Titus to Marcus] wherefore dost thou urge the name of hands, / To bid Aeneas tell the tale twice o'er
TNK IV.iii.16[Daughter to all] in the next world will Dido see Palamon, and then will she be out of love with Aeneas