Jove (n.)
[pron: johv] alternative name for Jupiter, the Roman supreme god
2H4 II.ii.169[Prince Henry to Poins] From a God to a bull? A heavy descension! / It was Jove's case
2H4 V.v.49[Falstaff to King Henry V] My king! My Jove!
2H6 IV.i.48[Suffolk to Lieutenant] Jove sometime went disguised, and why not I?
3H6 V.ii.14[Warwick alone, of a cedar] Whose top branch overpeered Jove's spreading tree
AC I.ii.152[Enobarbus to Antony, of Cleopatra] she makes a shower of rain as well as Jove
AC II.vii.67[Menas to Pompey] Thou art, if thou dar'st be, the earthly Jove
AC III.iv.29[Octavia to Antony] The Jove of power make me, most weak, most weak / Your reconciler
AC III.xiii.85.2[Antony to Thidias] Favours, by Jove that thunders!
AC[Soldier to Enobarbus] Your emperor / Continues still a Jove
AC IV.xv.36[Cleopatra to Antony] Had I great Juno's power, / The strong-winged Mercury should fetch thee up / And set thee by Jove's side
AW V.iii.285[Diana to Bertram] By Jove, if ever I knew man 'twas you
AYL I.iii.122[Rosalind to Celia] I'll have no worse a name than Jove's own page
AYL II.iv.55[Rosalind to Celia and Touchstone] Jove, Jove!
AYL III.ii.229[Rosalind to Celia, of Orlando under a tree] It may well be called Jove's tree, when it drops such fruit
AYL III.iii.8[Jaques to himself, of Touchstone] O knowledge ill-inhabited, worse than Jove in a thatched house!
Cor II.i.258[Messenger to Brutus, of Martius] The nobles bended / As to Jove's statue
Cor III.i.86.1[Coriolanus to all] By Jove
Cor V.iii.71[Coriolanus to Young Martius] The god of soldiers, / With the consent of supreme Jove, inform / Thy thoughts with nobleness
Cym II.iv.98.2[Posthumus to Iachimo] Jove!
Cym III.iii.88[Belarius alone] Jove!
Cym[Innogen alone] O Jove!
Cym IV.ii.207[Belarius to supposedly dead Innogen as Fidele] Jove knows what man thou mightst have made
H5 II.iv.100[Exeter to French King, of King Henry] in fierce tempest is he coming, / In thunder and in earthquake, like a Jove
H5 IV.iii.24[King Henry to all] By Jove, I am not covetous for gold
Ham III.ii.292[Hamlet to Horatio] This realm dismantled was / Of Jove himself
Ham III.iv.57[Hamlet to Queen, of his father] the front of Jove himself
KL II.iv.223[Lear to Goneril] I do not ... tell tales of thee to high-judging Jove
LLL IV.ii.115[Nathaniel reading Berowne's love letter] Thy eye Jove's lightning bears, thy voice his dreadful thunder
LLL IV.iii.115[Dumaine reading his love poem] Thou for whom Jove would swear / Juno but an Ethiop were
LLL V.ii.494[Berowne to Costard] By Jove, I always took three threes for nine
Luc.568She conjures him by high almighty Jove,
MA II.i.86[Don Pedro to Hero] My visor is Philemon's roof; within the house is Jove
MA V.iv.46[Claudio to Benedick] And all Europa shall rejoice at thee, / As once Europa did at lusty Jove
MM II.ii.111[Isabella to Angelo] Could great men thunder / As Jove himself does, Jove would ne'er be quiet
MND V.i.175[Bottom as Pyramus to Wall] Jove shield thee well for this
MW V.v.3[Falstaff alone] Remember, Jove, thou wast a bull for thy Europa
Oth II.i.77[Cassio to Montano] Great Jove, Othello guard
Oth II.iii.17[Iago to Cassio, of Desdemona] she is sport for Jove
Oth III.iii.353[Othello to Iago] you mortal engines, whose rude throats / Th' immortal Jove's dread clamours counterfeit
Per I.i.8[Antiochus describing his daughter] For the embracements even of Jove himself
Per II.iii.28[Simonides to himself] By Jove, I wonder, that is king of thoughts
PP.16.17And deny himself for Jove
PP.5.11Thine eye Jove's lightning seems, thy voice his dreadful thunder
PP.6.14‘O Jove,’ quoth she, 'why was not I a flood!’
R3 IV.iii.55[King Richard to Ratcliffe] fiery expedition be my wing, / Jove's Mercury, and herald for a king!
RJ II.ii.93[Juliet to Romeo] At lovers' perjuries, / They say, Jove laughs
TC I.iii.20[Agamemnon to all] the protractive trials of great Jove
TC II.ii.45[Troilus to Helenus] fly like chidden Mercury from Jove
TC II.iii.11[Thersites alone] O thou great thunder-darter of Olympus, forget that thou art Jove, the king of gods
TC III.iii.280[Patroclus to Achilles] Jove bless great Ajax
TC IV.i.18[Diomedes to Aeneas] By Jove, I'll play the hunter for thy life
TC IV.v.129[Hector to Ajax] by Jove multipotent
TC V.ii.47.3[Troilus to Ulysses] By Jove, / I will be patient
Tem I.ii.201[Ariel to Prospero] Jove's lightnings
Tem V.i.45[Prospero alone] to the dread rattling thunder / Have I given fire, and rifted Jove's stout oak / With his own bolt
TG IV.iv.200[Julia alone] by Jove I vow
Tim IV.iii.109[Timon to Alcibiades] Be as a planetary plague, when Jove / Will o'er some high-viced city hang his poison / In the sick air
Tit II.iii.70[Lavinia to Tamora] Jove shield your husband from his hounds today
Tit IV.i.65[Marcus to all] Apollo, Pallas, Jove or Mercury / Inspire me
Tit IV.iv.14[Saturninus to all, of the messages] See here's 'To Jove', and this 'To Mercury'
TN I.v.108[Feste to Olivia, of her imagined eldest son] whose skull Jove cram with brains
TN III.i.43[Feste to Viola as Cesario] Now Jove, in his next commodity of hair, send thee a beard
TN III.iv.75[Malvolio to himself] But it is Jove's doing, and Jove make me thankful
TN IV.ii.11[Sir Toby to Feste as Sir Topas] Jove bless thee, Master Parson!
TNK I.i.29[Third Queen to Emilia] for the love of him whom Jove hath marked / The honour of your bed
TNK IV.ii.16[Emilia alone, of Ganymede] Set Jove afire
TS I.i.166[Lucentio to Tranio, of Agenor's daughter] That made great Jove to humble him to her hand
Ven.1015‘O Jove,’ quoth she, ‘how much a fool was I'
WT II.iii.125[Paulina to Leontes] Jove send her / A better guiding spirit!
WT III.i.10[Cleomenes to Dion] the ear-deaf'ning voice o'th' oracle, / Kin to Jove's thunder
WT IV.iv.16.2[Perdita to Florizel] Now Jove afford you cause!

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