Jupiter, Jove (n.)
Roman supreme god; associated with the heavens and the weather, especially thunder and lightning; husband of Juno
AC II.ii.6[Enobarbus to Lepidus] By Jupiter
AC III.ii.9[Enobarbus to Agrippa, of Caesar] he's the Jupiter of men
AYL II.iv.1[Rosalind to Celia and Touchstone] O Jupiter, how weary are my spirits!
AYL III.ii.151[Rosalind to Celia] O most gentle Jupiter, what tedious homily of love have you wearied your parishioners withal
Cor I.iii.39[Volumnia to Virgilia] O Jupiter, no blood!
Cor I.ix.89.2[Coriolanus to Lartius, of a name] By Jupiter, forgot!
Cor II.i.100[Menenius to all] Take my cap, Jupiter, and I thank thee
Cor IV.v.106[Aufidius to Martius] If Jupiter / Should from yond cloud speak divine things
Cym II.iii.124[Innogen to Cloten] Wert thou the son of Jupiter
Cym II.iv.121[Iachimo to Posthumus] By Jupiter
Cym III.v.85[Cloten to Pisanio] by Jupiter
Cym III.vii.15[Belarius to his sons, of disguised Innogen] By Jupiter, an angel!
Cym V.iii.84[First Captain to Second Captain] Great Jupiter be praised, Lucius is taken
Cym V.iv.77[First Brother, with other spirits] Jupiter, thou king of gods
Cym V.v.428[Posthumus to all] Great Jupiter, upon his eagle backed
KL I.i.178[Lear to Kent] By Jupiter
KL II.iv.20[Lear to Kent] By Jupiter, I swear no!
MW V.v.6[Falstaff alone]You were also, Jupiter, a swan for the love of Leda
TC I.ii.62[Cressida to Pandarus] O Jupiter, there's no comparison
TC II.iii.196[Ulysses to all] Jupiter forbid
TC IV.v.191[Nestor to Hector] Jupiter is yonder, dealing life!
TC V.i.50[Thersites alone, of Agamemnon] and the goodly transformation of Jupiter there, his brother, the bull
Tem IV.i.77[Ceres to Iris] Hail, many-coloured messenger, that ne'er / Dost disobey the wife of Jupiter
Tit IV.iii.67[Marcus to Titus] Your letter is with Jupiter by this
TNK IV.iii.34[Daughter to all] Jupiter bless us!
WT IV.iv.27[Florizel to Perdita, of the gods changing their shape] Jupiter / Became a bull, and bellowed