Hercules (n.)
[Roman form of Heracles] proverbial for his mythical physical strength and miraculous achievements
1H4 II.iv.264[Falstaff to Prince Hal] thou knowest I am as valiant as Hercules
1H6 II.iii.18[Countess to and of Talbot] I thought I should have seen some Hercules
3H6 II.i.53[Messenger to Richard] Hercules himself must yield to odds
AC III.vii.67[Soldier to Canidius] By Hercules, I think I am i'th' right
AC IV.iii.17[Second soldier to all] 'Tis the god Hercules, whom Antony loved
AYL I.ii.197[Rosalind to Orlando] Now Hercules be thy speed, young man!
Cor IV.i.17[Coriolanus to Volumnia] If you had been the wife of Hercules, / Six of his labours you'd have done
Cor IV.vi.101[Menenius to all] As Hercules did shake down mellow fruit
Cym IV.ii.114[Guiderius to Belarius, of Cloten] not Hercules / Could have knocked out his brains, for he had none
Cym IV.ii.311[Innogen alone, seeing Cloten's body] The brawns of Hercules
Ham I.ii.153[Hamlet alone, of Claudius] My father's brother, but no more like my father / Than I to Hercules
Ham II.ii.360[Rosencrantz to Hamlet, of the boy plyers 'carrying it way'] Hercules and his load too
LLL I.ii.64[Mote to Armado, answering the question about which great men have been in love] Hercules, master
LLL IV.iii.316[Berowne to all] For valour, is not Love a Hercules
LLL V.i.123[Holofernes to all, of who shall present the characters] the page, Hercules
LLL V.ii.533[King reading about who presents a character] Armado's page, Hercules
MA II.i.232[Benedick to Don Pedro, of Beatrice] She would have made Hercules have turned spit
MA II.i.338[Don Pedro to Leonato] I will in the interim undertake one of Hercules' labours
MA III.iii.132[Borachio to Conrade] the shaven Hercules in the smirched worm-eaten tapestry
MA IV.i.316[Beatrice to Benedick, of men] He is now as valiant as Hercules that only tells a lie and swears it
MND IV.i.111[Hippolyta to Theseus] I was with Hercules and Cadmus once
MND V.i.47[Theseus to all] In glory of my kinsman, Hercules
MV II.i.32[Morocco to Portia] If Hercules and Lichas play at dice
MV III.ii.60[Portia to Bassanio] Go, Hercules
MW I.iii.6[Host to Falstaff] Discard, bully Hercules
TNK I.i.66[Theseus to the Queens] Hercules our kinsman - Then weaker than your eyes – laid by his club
TNK II.iv.2[Theseus to and of Arcite] I have not seen, / Since Hercules, a man of tougher sinews