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Hymen (n.)
[pron: 'hiymen] Greek god who led a wedding procession; associated with a torch, crown of flowers, and flute
AYL V.iv.105.1[stage direction] Enter a masquer representing Hymen
MA V.iii.32[Claudio to all] And Hymen now with luckier issue speed's / Than this for whom we rendered up this woe
Per Chorus.III.9[Gower chorus] Hymen hath brought the bride to bed
Tem IV.i.23.1[Prospero to Ferdinand] take heed / As Hymen's lamps shall light you
Tem IV.i.97[Iris to Ceres] no bed-right shall be paid / Till Hymen's torch be lighted
Tim IV.iii.385[Timon to and of gold] thou bright defiler / Of Hymen's purest bed
TNK I.i.1.1[stage direction] Enter Hymen with a torch burning

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