Roman water-god, chiefly associated with the sea and sea-weather
2H4 III.i.51[King Henry IV to all] The beachy girdle of the ocean / Too wide for Neptune's hips
AC II.vii.130[Menas to Enobarbus] Let Neptune hear we bid a loud farewell / To these great fellows
AC IV.xiv.58[Antony to Eros, of his achievements] o'er green Neptune's back / With ships made cities
Cor III.i.255[Menenius to Patrician, of Coriolanus] He would not flatter Neptune for his trident
Cym III.i.20[Queen to Cloten] The natural bravery of your isle, which stands / As Neptune's park
Ham I.i.119[Horatio to Barnardo and Marcellus] the moist star / Upon whose influence Neptune's empire stands
Ham III.ii.165[First Player as King to Second Player as Queen] Full thirty times hath Phoebus' cart gone round/ Neptune's salt wash and Tellus' orbed ground
KJ V.ii.34[Salisbury to Lewis the Dauphin, of his isle] Neptune's arms, who clippeth thee about
Mac II.ii.60[Macbeth alone] Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood / Clean from my hand?
MND II.i.126[Titania to Oberon, of her Indian boy] sat with me on Neptune's yellow sands
MND III.ii.392[Oberon to Puck] the eastern gate all fiery red / Opening on Neptune with fair blessed beams
Per Chorus.III.45[Gower chorus, of Pericles' ship] Their vessel shakes / On Neptune's billow
Per Chorus.V.17[Gower chorus] The city strived / God Neptune's annual feast to keep
Per III.iii.36[Cleon to Pericles] We'll bring your grace e'en to the edge o'th' shore, / Then give you up to the masked Neptune
R2 II.i.63[John of Gaunt to all, of England] Whose rocky shore beats back the envious siege / Of watery Neptune
TC I.iii.45[Nestor to all, of a boat] Either to harbour fled / Or made a toast for Neptune
TC V.ii.177[Troilus to Uysses] not the dreadful spout ... / Shall dizzy with more clamour Neptune's ear
Tem I.ii.204[Ariel to Prospero] The fire and cracks / Of sulphurous roaring the most mighty Neptune / Seem to besiege
Tem V.i.35[Prospero alone] ye that on the sands with printless foot / Do chase the ebbing Neptune
Tim V.iv.78[Alcibiades as if to Timon] rich conceit / Taught thee to make vast Neptune weep for aye
TNK V.i.50[Arcite praying to Mars] Thou mighty one, that with thy power hast turned / Green Neptune into purple
WT IV.iv.28[Florizel to Perdita, of the gods changing their shape] the green Neptune / A ram, and bleated
WT V.i.153[Leontes to Florizel, of Perdita] Exposed this paragon to th' fearful usage, / At least ungentle, of the dreadful Neptune