George, Saint
in Christian tradition, the patron saint of England, 3rd-c
1H6 I.i.154[Bedford to all] To keep our great Saint George's feast
1H6 II.i.38.1[stage direction] The English scale the walls, cry 'Saint George'!
1H6 IV.ii.55[Talbot alone] God and Saint George
1H6[Talbot to all] Saint George and victory!
3H6 II.i.203[Edward to all] God and Saint George for us!
3H6 II.ii.80[Prince to King] Unsheathe your sword, good father; cry ‘ Saint George!’
3H6 IV.ii.29[Warwick to all] For Warwick and his friends, God and Saint George!
3H6 V.i.113[Edward to all] Lords, to the field; Saint George and victory!
H5 III.i.34[Henry V to all] Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'
H5 V.ii.205[King Henry to Katherine] Shall not thou and I, between Saint Denis and Saint George, compound a boy, half French, half English
KJ II.i.288[Bastard to all] Saint George, that swinged the dragon
LLL V.ii.614[Berowne to all] Saint George's half-cheek in a brooch.
R2 I.iii.84[Bolingbroke to all] Mine innocence and Saint George to thrive!
R3 V.iii.271[Richmond to all] God and Saint George! Richmond and victory!
TS II.i.232[Petruchio to Katherina] Now, by Saint George, I am too young for you

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