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Turk (n.)
Sultan of Turkey
1H6 IV.vii.73[Pucelle to Lucy, of his listing of titles] The Turk, that two and fifty kingdoms hath, / Writes not so tedious a style as this
2H4 III.ii.297[Falstaff alone, of Shallow] every third word a lie, duer paid to the hearer than the Turk's tribute
AW II.iii.87[Lafew to all, of the lords] I would send them to th' Turk to make eunuchs of
E3 III.i.43[Polonian Captain to King John] from great Moscow, fearful to the Turk, ... / I bring these servitors to fight for thee
H5 V.ii.207[King Henry to Katherine] take the Turk by the beard
KL III.iv.88[Edgar as Poor Tom] I ... in woman outparamoured the Turk
Oth I.iii.20[First Senator to all] Th' importancy of Cyprus to the Turk

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