Gallia (n.)
old name for France [Gaul]
1H6[Talbot to John] leaden age ... / from the pride of Gallia rescued thee
1H6 IV.vii.48[Bastard to all, of Talbot] Whose life was England's glory, Gallia's wonder
1H6 V.iv.139[Charles to all] I am possessed / With more than half the Gallian territories
3H6 V.iii.8[Edward to all] those powers that the Queen / Hath raised in Gallia have arrived our coast
Cym I.vii.201[Iachimo to Innogen] From Gallia I crossed the seas
Cym I.vii.66[Iachimo to Innogen, of a Frenchman] much loves A Gallian girl at home
Cym II.iv.18[Posthumus to Philario] The legion now in Gallia
Cym III.v.24[Cymbeline to all] The powers that he already hath in Gallia / Will soon be drawn to head
Cym III.viii.4[First Senator to all] the legions now in Gallia
Cym IV.ii.333[Captain to Lucius] the legions garrisoned in Gallia
Cym IV.iii.24[First Lord to Cymbeline] The Roman legions, all from Gallia drawn
H5 I.ii.217[Canterbury to King Henry] you withal shall make all Gallia shake
H5 V.i.85[Pistol alone, of his scars] swear I got them in the Gallia wars
MW III.i.89[Host to Caius and Evans] Peace, I say, Gallia and Gaul, French and Welsh