answer (v.) Old form(s): answer'd , Answere
suffer the consequences [for], be accountable [for]
1H4 IV.ii.8[Falstaff to Bardolph] I'll answer the coinage
2H4 V.i.22[Shallow to Davy, of William's loss at the fair] 'A shall answer it
AC V.ii.178[Cleopatra to Caesar] when we fall, / We answer others' merits in our name
Cor III.i.162[Sicinius to Brutus, of Coriolanus] 'Has spoken like a traitor and shall answer / As traitors do
H5 IV.i.151[disguised King Henry to Williams] The King is not bound to answer the particular endings of his soldiers
H5 IV.i.182[Williams to disguised King Henry] every man that dies ill, the ill upon his own head - the King is not to answer it
JC III.ii.81[Antony to all, of Caesar being ambitious] grievously hath Caesar answered it
KL I.i.151[Kent to Lear] Answer my life my judgement [i.e. I stake my life on my judgement]
KL I.iii.11[Gonerill to Oswald, of serving Lear negligently] the fault of it I'll answer
KL II.ii.145.2[Cornwall to Gloucester, of Lear's reaction to disguised Kent's punishment] I'll answer that
MM IV.ii.123[Provost to disguised Duke, reading Angelo's letter] fail not to do your office, as you will answer it at your peril
R3 IV.ii.92[King Richard to Derby, of Derby's wife] if she convey / Letters to Richmond, you shall answer it
Tim V.i.177[Timon to First Senator, of Alcibiades' army] For their knives care not, / While you have throats to answer
Tit I.i.415[Bassianus to Saturninus] what I have done, as best I may / Answer I must
Tit II.iii.298[Titus to Saturninus, of Martius and Quintus] They shall be ready at your highness' will / To answer their suspicion with their lives
TN III.iv.324[Antonio to Viola as Cesario] there's no remedy, I shall answer it