attach (v.) Old form(s): attach'd
arrest, seize, apprehend
2H4 IV.ii.109[Westmorland to Archbishop and Mowbray] Of capital treason I attach you both
CE IV.i.6[Second Merchant to Angelo] make present satisfaction, / Or I'll attach you by this officer
CE IV.i.74[Angelo to Antipholus of Ephesus] pay this sum for me, / Or I attach you by this officer
CE IV.iv.6[Antipholus of Ephesus to Officer] My wife ... will not lightly trust the messenger / That I should be attached in Ephesus
Cor III.i.174[Sicinius to Coriolanus, of the people] in whose name myself / Attach thee as a traitorous innovator
H8 I.ii.210[King Henry to all, of Buckingham] He is attached; / Call him to present trial
Oth I.ii.77[Brabantio to Othello] I therefore ... attach thee / For an abuser of the world
R2 II.iii.155[York to all] if I could ... / I would attach you all
RJ V.iii.173[First Watchman to the Watch] Whoe'er you find attach
WT V.i.181[Lord to Leontes] Bohemia ... / Desires you to attach his son