advantage (n.) Old form(s): aduantage
right moment, favourable opportunity
1H4 II.iv.527[Prince Hal to Peto, of Falstaff's papers] What there is else keep close, we'll read it at more advantage
2H6 I.i.240[York alone] I will ... when I spy advantage, claim the crown
Cor IV.i.43[Cominius to Coriolanus] we shall not send / O'er the vast world to seek a single man, / And lose advantage
Cym IV.i.11[Cloten alone, of himself compared to Posthumus] beyond him in the advantage of the time
H5[Montjoy as if French King to King Henry] Advantage is a better soldier than rashness
KJ I.i.102[Robert Faulconbridge to King John, of his father in Germany] Th'advantage of his absence took the King
KJ III.iv.151[Cardinal Pandulph to Lewis the Dauphin, of King John and the people] none so small advantage shall step forth / To check his reign, but they will cherish it
Mac V.iv.11[Malcolm to Seyward, of Macbeth] where there is advantage to be given, / Both more and less have given him the revolt
MW III.ii.32[Ford alone, of Page and Mistress Page] He gives her folly motion and advantage
Oth I.iii.294[Othello to Iago, of Desdemona] I prithee let thy wife attend on her, / And bring them after in the best advantage
Oth III.iii.309[Emilia to Iago, of Desdemona's handkerchief] she let it drop by negligence, / And, to th'advantage, I ... took't up
Sonn.153.2[] Cupid lay by his brand and fell asleep, / A maid of Dian's this advantage found
TC II.ii.205[Troilus to Hector] Hector would not lose / So rich advantage of a promised glory / As smiles upon ... this action
TC III.iii.2[Calchas to all] Th'advantage of the time prompts me aloud / To call for recompense
Tem III.iii.14.2[Sebastian aside to Antonio] The next advantage / Will we take throughly
Ven.129[Venus to Adonis] Make use of time, let not advantage slip

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