afoot (adv.) Old form(s): a foot, a foote, a-foot
on foot
1H4 II.ii.34[Falstaff to Prince Hal] I'll not bear my own flesh so far afoot again
1H4 II.ii.46[Falstaff to Prince Hal] When a jest is so forward - and afoot too
1H4 II.ii.78[First Traveller to other Travellers, of not using their horses] We'll walk afoot awhile and ease our legs
1H4 II.iii.87[Hotspur to Lady Percy, replying to her 'if you go - '] So far afoot I shall be weary, love
1H4 II.iv.346[Falstaff to Prince Hal, of Douglas] afoot he will not budge a foot
2H6 V.ii.8[Warwick to York] What, all afoot?
TC V.v.21[Nestor to all, of Hector] anon he's there afoot

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