circumstance (n.) Old form(s): circustance
detail(s), particular(s), specifics
1H6 I.i.109[Third Messenger to nobles] The circumstance I'll tell you more at large
1H6 III.i.155[Gloucester to King] if your grace mark every circumstance
2H6 I.i.103[Cardinal to Gloucester] what means ... / This peroration with such circumstance?
2H6 V.ii.39[Young Clifford to himself] he that loves himself / Hath not essentially, but by circumstance, / The name of valour [i.e. by external signs]
Cym II.iv.61.2[Iachimo to Posthumus] my circumstances ... / Must first induce you to believe
Ham I.v.127[Hamlet to Horatio and Marcellus] without more circumstance at all [also: sense 5]
KJ II.i.77[Chatillon to King Philip, of the English] The interruption of their churlish drums / Cuts off more circumstance
MA III.ii.91[Don John to Don Pedro and Claudio, of Hero] circumstances shortened ... the lady is disloyal
Oth III.iii.403[Iago to Othello] If imputation and strong circumstance ... / Will give you satisfaction
RJ II.v.36[Juliet to Nurse, of whether the news is good or bad] Say either, and I'll stay the circumstance
RJ V.iii.181[First Watchman to other members of the Watch, of dead Romeo, Juliet, and Paris] the true ground of all these piteous woes / We cannot without circumstance descry
Ven.844[of lovers' being oblivious to time passing] others, they think, delight / In suchlike circumstance
WT III.ii.17[Officer reading the indictment, of Hermione's supposed plot, and of Polixenes and Camillo] the pretence whereof being by circumstances partly laid open, thou ... didst counsel and aid them
WT V.ii.31[Third Gentleman to all, of the rumour that Perdita is found] Most true, if ever truth were pregnant by circumstance