close (adj.)
secret, concealed, hidden
3H6 IV.v.17[Edward to all] Stand you thus close to steal the Bishop's deer?
Cym I.vii.139.1[Iachimo to Innogen] I ... will continue fast to your affection, / Still close as sure
JC I.iii.131[Casca to Cassius] Stand close awhile, for here comes one in haste
KL III.ii.57[Lear as if to a criminal] Close pent-up guilts, / Rive your concealing continents
Mac III.v.7[Hecat to Witches, of herself] The close contriver of all harms
Oth III.iii.122[Othello to Iago, of Iago's pauses] in a man that's just, / They're close dilations ... / That passion cannot rule [or: involuntary]
R3 I.i.158[Richard alone] another secret close intent
Tim IV.iii.143[Timon to Phrynia and Timandra, of anyone who wants to convert them] Let your close fire predominate his smoke [i.e. if 'fire' = infection; or: ardent, if 'fire' = passion]
Tit IV.ii.117[Aaron to Chiron, of skin colour] that will betray with blushing / The close enacts and counsels of thy heart
TNK III.v.13[Schoolmaster to all] there are you / Close in the thicket
TNK IV.i.129[Gaoler's Daughter to First Friend] I keep close for all this, / Close as a cockle [i.e. keep myself to myself]
TNK V.i.122[Palamon praying to Venus] him I do not love that tells close offices / The foulest way
WT III.iii.120[Shepherd to Clown, of the gold in Perdita's box] Up with't, keep it close