condition (n.)
disposition, temper, mood, character
1H4 I.iii.6[King Henry to all] I will from henceforth rather be myself, / Mighty, and to be feared, than my condition, / Which hath been smooth as oil
AC II.ii.118[Caesar to Antony] our conditions / So diff'ring in their acts
AYL I.ii.253[Le Beau to Orlando, of Duke Frederick] such is now the Duke's condition
Cor V.iv.10[Sicinius to Menenius] Is't possible that so short a time can alter the condition of a man?
Cym V.v.165[Iachimo to Cymbeline, of Italian women] For condition, / A shop of all the qualities that man / Loves woman for
H5 IV.i.102[disguised King Henry to Bates, of the King] all his senses have but human conditions
H5 V.ii.282[King Henry to Burgundy] my condition is not smooth
JC II.i.254[Portia to Brutus, of his mood] it hath much prevailed on your condition
LLL V.ii.20[Katharine to Rosaline, of the meaning of her remark] A light condition in a beauty dark
MV I.ii.123[Portia to Nerissa, of Morocco] If he have the condition of a saint
MV V.i.74[Lorenzo to Jessica, of colts] Fetching mad bounds, bellowing and neighing loud, / Which is the hot condition of their blood
Oth II.i.243[Roderigo to Iago, of Desdemona] she's full of most blessed condition
Tim IV.iii.140[Timon to Phrynia and Timandra] I'll trust to your conditions
TS V.ii.166[Katherina to Widow, of women] our soft conditions and our hearts / Should well agree with our external parts

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