counsel (n.) Old form(s): Counsaile , Counsell
advice, guidance, direction
AYL III.ii.350[Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando, of the writer of love poems] I would give him some good counsel
AYL III.ii.387[Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando, of his love] I profess curing it by counsel
Cor III.i.113[Coriolanus to all] Whoever gave that counsel to give forth / The corn o'th' storehouse gratis
Cor[Aufidius to Lords, of Coriolanus] never admitting / Counsel o'th' war [i.e. asking advice from others]
E3 I.i.101[Artois to Lorraine] The soundest counsel I can give
KJ II.i.395[Bastard to King John and King Philip, of his advice] How like you this wild counsel
KL I.iv.319[Gonerill to Albany, of Lear] This man hath had good counsel!
Luc.494[Tarquin to Lucrece, of the dangers facing him] All this beforehand counsel comprehends
R2 III.ii.214[King Richard to Aumerle] counsel is but vain