cuckold (n.)
[mocking name] man with an unfaithful wife
1H4 II.iv.330[Falstaff to all] he of Wales that gave Amamon the bastinado, and made Lucifer cuckold
AC I.ii.68[Charmian as if to Isis, of Alexas] let worse follow worse till the worst of all follow him laughing to his grave, fiftyfold a cuckold!
AC I.ii.78[Alexas to all, of Charmian and Iras] if it lay in their hands to make me a cuckold, they would make themselves whores but they'd do't
AW I.iii.45[Clown to Countess] He that ears my land spares my team, and gives me leave to in the crop. If I be his cuckold, he's my drudge
AW II.ii.24[Clown to Countess] as the nail to his hole, the cuckold to his horn
Cor IV.v.235[Second Servingman to First Servingman] Peace is a great maker of cuckolds
Cym II.iv.146.1[Posthumus to Iachimo] I will kill thee if thou dost deny / Thou'st made me cuckold
H8 V.iv.25[Man to Porter] He or she, cuckold or cuckold-maker
Ham IV.v.120[Laertes to Claudius] That drop of blood that's calm proclaims me bastard, / Cries cuckold to my father
LLL V.i.65[Mote to Holofernes] A gig of a cuckold's horn!
MA II.i.38[Beatrice to Leonato, of the devil] like an old cuckold with horns on his head
MM V.i.514[Lucio to Duke] do not recompense me in making me a cuckold
MV V.i.265[Gratiano to all] What, are we cuckolds ere we have deserved it?
MV V.i.281[Gratiano to Nerissa] Were you the clerk that is to make me cuckold?
MW II.ii.267[Falstaff to Ford as Brook] I will awe him with my cudgel; it shall hang like a meteor o'er the cuckold's horns
MW II.ii.284[Ford alone, of what Falstaff has called him] But Cuckold! Wittol! - Cuckold!
MW III.v.96[Falstaff to Ford as Brook] Fate, ordaining he should be a cuckold, held his hand
MW V.v.109[Ford to Falstaff] Now, sir, who's a cuckold now?
Oth III.iii.165[Iago to Othello] That cuckold lives in bliss / Who certain of his fate loves not his wronger
Oth IV.iii.75[Emilia to Desdemona] who would not make her husband a cuckold, to make him a monarch?
TC II.iii.72[Thersites alone] All the argument is a whore and a cuckold
TC III.iii.64[Achilles to Ajax, of Menelaus] What, does the cuckold scorn me?
TC IV.i.62[Diomedes to Paris, of Menelaus] like a puling cuckold
TC V.i.52[Thersites alone] the goodly transformation of Jupiter there, his brother, the bull, the primitive statue and oblique memorial of cuckolds
TC V.vii.9[Thersites to himself, of Menelaus and Paris] The cuckold and the cuckold-maker are at it
TN I.v.46[Feste to Olivia] As there is no true cuckold but calamity, so beauty's a flower
WT I.ii.191[Leontes to himself] There have been ... cuckolds ere now
WT I.ii.269[Leontes to Camillo] your eye-glass / Is thicker than a cuckold's horn

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