cunning (n.)
skill, ability, expertise
2H6 II.i.130[Gloucester to all, of St Alban and Simpcox] would ye not think his cunning to be great, that could restore this cripple to his legs again?
AC II.iii.35[Antony alone, of Caesar] in our sports my better cunning faints / Under his chance
Cor IV.i.9[Coriolanus to Volumnia] fortune's blows / When most struck home, being gentle wounded craves / A noble cunning [i.e. to be noble when wounded by the hardest blows demands a nobleman's ability]
H5 V.ii.143[King Henry to Katherine] I have no cunning in protestation
Ham II.ii.439[Hamlet to First Player, of a play] set down with as much modesty as cunning
Ham II.ii.588[Hamlet alone] by the very cunning of the scene
Ham IV.vii.154[Claudius to Laertes, of Laertes and Hamlet] We'll make a solemn wager on your cunnings [Q2; F commings]
Per III.ii.26[Cerimon to First Gentleman] Virtue and cunning were endowments greater / Than nobleness and riches
Sonn.24.13[] Yet eyes this cunning want to grace their art; / They draw but what they see, know not the heart
TC V.v.41[Ulysses to all, of Troilus] redeeming of himself ... / As if that luck, in very spite of cunning, / Bade him win all
Tim IV.iii.210[Apemantus to Timon] Shame not these woods / By putting on the cunning of a carper [or: sense 2]
TNK I.iii.43[Hippolyta to Emilia, of Theseus and Pirithous] Their knot of love, / Tied ... with a finger of so deep a cunning
TS induction.1.90[Lord to First Player] I have some sport in hand / Wherein your cunning can assist me much