cunning (n.)
deviousness, deceit, craftiness, artfulness
AW V.iii.216[Bertram to King, of Diana] Her infinite cunning ... / Subdued me [F comming]
KJ IV.i.54[Arthur to Hubert] you my think my love was crafty love, / And call it cunning
RJ II.ii.101[Juliet to Romeo] I'll prove more true / Than those that have more cunning to be strange [also: sense 1] [Q1; F coying]
TN II.ii.22[Viola alone, of Olivia] the cunning of her passion / Invites me in this churlish messenger
TNK[Palamon to Arcite] I know your cunning, and I know your cause [i.e. why you want to put off this fight]
TS II.i.404[Tranio as Lucentio alone, of acquiring a father to win his bid for Bianca] if I fail not of my cunning

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