content (v.) Old form(s): cōtents
please, gratify, delight, satisfy
1H4 II.iii.120.1[Hotspur to Lady Percy, of his proposal] Will this content you, Kate?
2H6 IV.x.18[Iden to himself] This small inheritance my father left me / Contenteth me, and worth a monarchy
AC V.ii.68[Proculeius to Dolabella] It shall content me best
AYL III.iii.3[Touchstone to Audrey] Doth my simple feature content you?
AYL V.ii.111[Rosalind as Ganymede to Silvius] I will content you, if what pleases you contents you
H5 V.ii.247[Katherine to King Henry, of her father agreeing to their marriage] Den it sall also content me
H8 III.i.132[Queen Katherine to Campeius and Wolsey, of King Henry] Have I ... / Almost forgot my prayers to content him
Ham III.i.24[Claudius to Polonius, of Hamlet wanting the King and Queen to see the play] it doth much content me / To hear him so inclined
KL I.i.277[Gonerill to Cordelia] Let your study / Be to content your lord
LLL V.ii.515[Princess to King] That sport best pleases that doth least know how - / Where zeal strives to content
MM III.i.189[disguised Duke to Isabella, of Angelo] How will you do to content this substitute
Tem V.i.170[Prospero to Alonso] I will ... bring forth a wonder to content ye
TG III.i.93[Valentine to Duke] A woman sometimes scorns what best contents her
TS I.i.160[Lucentio to Tranio, of his advice] Go forward, this contents
TS IV.iii.174[Petruchio to Katherina, of the adder] his painted skin contents the eye
TS V.i.123[Vincentio to Baptista] we will content you
Ven.213[Venus to and of Adonis] Statue contenting but the eye alone
WT II.i.159[Lord to Leontes, of Hermione] more it would content me / To have her honour true than your suspicion

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