condition (n.) Old form(s): condicion
position, social rank, station
2H4 IV.iii.1[Falstaff to Colevile] Of what condition are you
2H4 IV.iii.83[Prince John to Falstaff] I, in my condition, / Shall better speak of you than you deserve [i.e. as head of the army]
2H6 V.i.64[Iden to King, of himself] one so rude and of so mean condition
E3 II.i.103[King Edward to Lodowick, of the Countess] mayst thou judge what her condition is
E3 II.i.99[Lodowick to King Edward, of the woman to whom he must write] Of what condition or estate she is ... I should know
H5 IV.i.226[King Henry alone, of being king] O hard condition
H5 IV.iii.63[King Henry to all, of those who may die in the battle] be he ne'er so vile, / This day shall gentle his condition
Oth IV.i.192[Othello to Iago, of Desdemona] of so gentle a condition
R3 III.vii.142[Richard to Buckingham] I cannot tell if to depart in silence ... / Best fitteth my degree or your condition
TC III.iii.9[Calchas to all] sequest'ring from me all / That time, acquaintance, custom, and condition / Made tame and most familiar to my nature
Tem III.i.59.2[Ferdinand to Miranda] I am, in my condition, / A prince
Tim I.i.54[Poet to Painter] You see how all conditions ... tender down / Their services to Lord Timon [also: sense 1]