condition (n.)
nature, state, circumstances
2H4 IV.i.99[Mowbray to Westmorland] to us all / That ... suffer the condition of these times / To lay a heavy and unequal hand / Upon our honours
2H4 V.ii.11[Lord Chief Justice to Warwick] I ... do arm myself / To welcome the condition of the time
Cor I.x.6[Aufidius to First Soldier] What good condition can a treaty find / I'th' part that is at mercy? [i.e. for the defeated side]
E3 II.i.318[King Edward to Warwick] when thou know'st my grief's condition
KL IV.iii.33[disguised Kent to Gentleman] It is the stars ... govern our conditions
MM I.i.53[Duke to Angelo] Our haste from hence is of so quick condition / That it prefers itself
R2 II.iii.107[York to Bolingbroke] Even in condition of the worst degree [pun: 106, sense 2]
TC prologue.25[Prologue] hither am I come ... suited / In like conditions as our argument
TN V.i.355[Fabian to Olivia] let no quarrel ... / Taint the condition of this present hour
WT IV.iv.713[Autolycus to Clown and Shepherd] the condition of that fardel

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