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commandment, commandement (n.) Old form(s): commandement, command'ment, Commaundement
command, instruction, order
1H6 I.iii.20[Woodville to Gloucester, of Winchester] From him I have express commandment / That thou nor none of thine shall be let in
2H4 III.ii.23[Shallow to Silence] we knew where the bona-robas were, and had the best of them all at commandment
2H4 V.iii.135[Falstaff to Shallow] the laws of England are at my commandment
MV II.ii.28[Launcelot alone, as if to the fiend] my heels are at your commandment
MV IV.i.448[Antonio to Bassanio, of Portia as Balthasar] Let his deservings, and my love withal, / Be valued 'gainst your wife's commandement
PP.20.44[of any man] If to women he be bent, / They have at commandement [i.e. others have women on call]

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