crest (n.)
[originally the plume of feathers on a] helmet, head-piece
1H4 V.iv.71[Prince Hal to Hotspur] all the budding honours on thy crest / I'll crop
1H4 V.v.29[Prince Hal to Lancaster, of Douglas] His valours shown upon our crests today
1H6[Talbot to John Talbot] When from the Dauphin's crest thy sword struck fire
1H6 V.iii.25[Pucelle alone] Now the time is come / That France must vail her lofty-plumed crest
E3 III.iv.88thousands had entrenched me round about, / And lay as thick upon my battered crest
KJ II.i.317[English Herald to Hubert] There stuck no plume in any English crest / That is removed by a staff of France
Mac[Macbeth to Macduff] Let fall thy blade on vulnerable crests
TC I.iii.380[Ulysses to Nestor, of Achilles] make him fall / His crest
TC IV.v.143[Hector to all, of Neoptolemus] On whose bright crest Fame with her loud'st oyes / Cries ‘ This is he ’
Tit I.i.367[Titus to Marcus] thou hast struck upon my crest [i.e. against my honour]
Ven.104[Venus to Adonis, of Mars] Over my altars hath he hung ... his uncontrolled crest