colour (n.)
pretext, pretence
2H4 I.ii.248[Falstaff alone] 'Tis no matter if I do halt; I have the wars for my colour
2H4 V.v.89[Falstaff to Shallow, of Henry V's remarks] This that you heard was but a colour [pun: 90]
2H6 III.i.236[Cardinal to all, of Gloucester] we want a colour for his death
3H6 IV.v.11[Richard to Hastings and Stanley, of Edward] if ... he make this way / Under the colour of his usual game, / He shall here find his friends
AC I.iii.32[Cleopatra to Antony] pray you seek no colour for your going
Cym III.i.51[Cymbeline to Cloten, of Caesar's ambition in Britain] against all colour here / Did put the yoke upon's
H5 II.ii.116[King Henry to Scroop] All other devils ... / Do botch and bungle up damnation / With patches, colours, and with forms
LLL IV.ii.148[Holofernes to Nathaniel] I do fear colourable colours
Luc.267[Tarquin to himself] Why hunt I then for colour or excuses?
Luc.476[of Lucrece talking to Tarquin] she ... urgeth still / Under what colour he commits this ill
Luc.481[Tarquin to Lucrece] Under that colour am I come to scale / Thy never-conquered fort
TG IV.ii.3[Proteus alone, of Thurio] Under the colour of commending him, / I have access my own love to prefer
WT IV.iv.552[Florizel to Camillo, of Leontes] What colour for my visitation shall I / Hold up before him?