clip (v.) Old form(s): Cleape , cleep, clipt
embrace, clasp, hug
2H6 IV.i.6[Lieutenant to all, of the dragons pulling Hecate's chariot] with their drowsy, slow, and flagging wings / Clip dead men's graves [or: strike]
AC IV.viii.8[Antony to all] clip your wives, your friends
AC V.ii.357[Caesar to all, of Antony and Cleopatra] No grave upon the earth shall clip in it / A pair so famous
Cor[Martius to Cominius] let me clip ye / In arms as sound as when I wooed
Cor IV.v.112[Aufidius to Coriolanus] Here I clip / The anvil of my sword
Cym II.iii.133[Innogen to Cloten, of Posthumus] His mean'st garment, / That ever hath but clipped his body
PP.11.6[of Venus] then she clipped Adonis in her arms
Ven.600[of Venus] That worse than Tantalus' is her annoy, / To clip Elysium and to lack her joy
WT V.ii.52[Third Gentleman to all, of Leontes] again worries he his daughter with clipping her