consent (n.)
agreement, accord, unanimity, compact
2H4 V.i.64[Falstaff alone, of Shallow's men] they flock together in consent, like so many wild geese
3H6[George to Warwick] I yield thee my free consent
AYL II.ii.3[Duke Frederick to Lords, of Rosalind and Celia's disappearance] some villains of my court / Are of consent and sufferance in this
Cor II.iii.22[Third Citizen to First Citizen, of their wits] their consent of one direct way should be at once to all the points o'th' compass [i.e. their agreement to go in one direction]
H5 I.ii.181[Exeter to all] government ... / Put into parts, doth keep in one consent [also: musical harmony]
H5 I.ii.206[Canterbury to all] many things, having full reference / To one consent, may work contrariously
H5 II.ii.22[King Henry to Scroop, Cambridge and Grey] we are well persuaded / We carry not a heart with us from hence / That grows not in a fair consent with ours
LLL V.ii.460[Berowne to all, of the ladies' scheme] Here was a consent, / Knowing aforehand of our merriment, / To dash it like a Christmas comedy
Tem II.i.207[Antonio to Sebastian, of the lords] They fell together all, as by consent
Tim V.i.138[First Senator to Timon] The senators with one consent of love / Entreat thee back to Athens