content (adj.)
satisfied, calm, easy in mind
Cor I.i.36[First Citizen to Second Citizen, of Coriolanus' deeds] soft-conscienced men can be content to say it was for his country
Cor III.ii.130.2[Coriolanus to Volumnia] Pray be content
Cym V.iv.102[Jupiter to all] Be content, / Your low-laid son our godhead will uplift
E3 III.iv.46[King Edward to Audley, of Prince Edward's dangerous situation] Audley, content
JC I.iii.142[Cassius to Cinna] Be you content
JC IV.ii.41.2[Brutus to Cassius] Cassius, be content
KL I.iv.310[Gonerill to Albany] Pray you, content
MND II.ii.116[Helena to Lysander] Yet Hermia still loves you. Then be content
MW I.iv.68[Mistress Quickly to Caius] Good master, be content
Oth III.iii.447.1[Iago to Othello] Yet be content
Oth IV.ii.164[Iago to Desdemona] I pray you, be content
R2 V.ii.82[Aumerle to Duchess of York] Good mother, be content
Tem V.i.144.1[Prospero to Alonso, of patience] I have her sovereign aid, / And rest myself content [or: sense 2]
TNK III.i.81.2[Arcite to Palamon] Be content