county (n.) Old form(s): Countes , Countie , Counties
[title of rank] count
AW III.vii.22[Helena to Widow] A ring the County wears
MA II.i.173[Benedick to Claudio] about your own business, County
MA IV.i.310[Beatrice to Benedick] Princes and counties!
MV I.ii.43[Nerissa to Portia, of Portia's suitors] Then there is the County Palatine
RJ I.iii.105.2[Lady Capulet to Juliet, of Paris] Juliet, the County stays
RJ III.v.218[Nurse to Juliet, of Paris] I think it best you married with the County
RJ IV.i.49[Friar to Juliet, of Paris] thou must ... / On Thursday next be married to this County
RJ IV.ii.23[Capulet to Servingman, of Paris] Send for the County
RJ IV.iv.22[Capulet to himself, of Paris] The County will be here with music straight
RJ V.iii.174[First Watchman to Watch, of Paris] Here lies the County slain!
RJ V.iii.279[Prince to all] Where is the County's page that raised the Watch?
TN I.v.291[Olivia to Malvolio, of Viola as Cesario] The County's man

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