compound (v.) Old form(s): cōpound
agree, settle
2H6 II.i.56[King to Gloucester and Cardinal] let me compound this strife
Cor[Coriolanus to all] we here deliver ... what / We have compounded on
H5 II.i.94[Pistol to Nym, of sorting out their difference] As manhood shall compound. Push home!
KJ II.i.281[Hubert to King John and King Philip] Till you compound whose right is worthiest, / We ... hold the right from both
R3 II.i.76[Queen Elizabeth to all] I would to God all strifes were well compounded
TS I.ii.27[Petruchio to Grumio] We will compound this quarrel
TS II.i.334[Baptista to Gremio and Tranio as Lucentio, of their rivalry] I will compound this strife

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