can (v.)
be skilled [in], have ability [in]
Cym IV.ii.392[disguised Innogen to Lucius, of Pisanio's supposed grave] And on it said a century of prayers / (Such as I can) twice o'er
H8 IV.ii.173[Katherine to Patience] I can no more
Ham IV.vii.83[Claudius to Laertes, of the French] And they can well on horseback
Phoen.14[] Let the priest in surplice white, / That defunctive music can, / Be the death-divining swan
Tem IV.i.27[Ferdinand to Prospero] the strong'st suggestion / Our worser genius can, shall never melt / Mine honour into lust
TG II.iv.163[Valentine to Proteus, of Silvia] all I can is nothing / To her [i.e. all I know how to say]

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