care (n.)
attentiveness, heedfulness, diligence
1H6 II.v.97[Mortimer to Richard] be wary in thy studious care
CE II.ii.3[Antipholus of Syracuse alone, of Dromio of Syracuse] the heedful slave / Is wandered forth in care to seek me out
KJ IV.ii.117[King John to Messenger, of Queen Eleanor] Where is my mother's care, / That such an army could be drawn in France / And she not hear of it?
Per I.ii.48[Pericles to Lords] let your cares o'erlook ... what lading's in our haven
R2 IV.i.195[Richard to Bolingbroke] My care is loss of care by old care done [i.e. my grief is loss of responsibility due to my former lack of diligence] [third instance]
R2 IV.i.196[Richard to Bolingbroke] Your care is gain of care by new care won [i.e. your grief is gain of responsibility won by your new diligence] [third instance]
Sonn.112.9[] In so profound abysm I throw all care / Of other's voices
TC V.iv.21[Diomedes to Troilus] advantageous care / Withdrew me from the odds of multitude
TC V.v.40[Ulysses to all, of Troilus] Engaging and redeeming of himself / With such a careless force and forceless care