care (n.)
anxiety, worry, solicitude [about]
CE I.i.43[Egeon to Duke] the great care of goods at random left
Cor III.i.137[Coriolanus to Brutus] we ... make the rabble / Call our cares fears
Cym V.iv.100[Jupiter to spirits, of mortal affairs] No care of yours it is
JC II.i.232[Brutus as if to Lucius] Thou hast no figures nor no fantasies, / Which busy care draws in the brains of men
Oth I.iii.54[Brabantio to Duke] nor doth the general care / Take hold on me
Per I.ii.13[Pericles alone] passions of the mind ... / Have after-nourishment and life by care
R2 III.ii.95[King Richard to Scroop] is my kingdom lost? Why, 'twas my care; / And what loss is it to be rid of care?
R2 IV.i.195[Richard to Bolingbroke] My care is loss of care by old care done [i.e. my worry is loss of responsibility due to my former lack of diligence] [first instance]
R2 IV.i.196[Richard to Bolingbroke] Your care is gain of care by new care won [i.e. your grief is gain of responsibility won by your new diligence] [first instance]
R2 IV.i.197[Richard to Bolingbroke] The cares I give, I have, though given away
Sonn.143.6[of a housewife's baby] Cries to catch her whose busy care is bent / To follow that which flies before her face
Tim IV.iii.520[Flavius to Timon] That which I show [is] ... / Care of your food and living
Ven.383[Adonis to Venus] my busy care, / Is how to get my palfrey from the mare

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