approve (v.) Old form(s): approoue, Approu'd , approue , approued , approues
prove, confirm, corroborate, substantiate
1H6 V.v.69[Suffolk to all, of Margaret] Her peerless feature, joined with her birth, / Approves her fit to none but for a king
2H4 I.ii.161[Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice, of his body] if I did say of wax, my growth would approve the truth
2H6 III.ii.22[King to all, of Gloucester] from true evidence ... / He be approved in practice culpable
AC I.i.60[Demetrius to Philo, of Antony] I am full sorry / That he approves the common liar [i.e. proves what the liar says to be true]
AW I.ii.10[First Lord to King, of Austria] His love and wisdom, / Approved so to your majesty
AW I.iii.223[Helena to Countess, of her father's prescriptions] Amongst the rest / There is a remedy, approved, set down
AW III.vii.13[Widow to Helena] you have showed me that which well approves / Y'are great in fortune
Cor IV.iii.9[Volsce to Roman] your favour is well approved by your tongue [F appeared]
Cym IV.ii.380[Lucius to disguised Innogen, of her adopted name Fidele] Thou dost approve thyself the very same
Cym V.v.245[Cornelius to Pisanio] I left out one thing ... / Which must approve thee honest
E3 I.i.48[King Edward to Artois] [I] will approve fair Isabel's descent [i.e. prove it valid]
E3 III.iii.118[Prince Edward to King John, of John's words] that approves thee, tyrant, what thou art
H8 II.iii.74[Lord Chamberlain to Anne] I shall not fail t'approve the fair conceit / The King hath of you
Ham I.i.29[Marcellus to Barnardo, of Horatio and the Ghost] if again this apparition come, / He may approve our eyes and speak to it
KL I.i.184[Kent to Gonerill and Regan] your large speeches may your deeds approve
KL II.ii.158[Kent alone] Good King, that must approve the common saw
KL II.iv.178[Regan to Cornwall, of the trumpet-call announcing Gonerill] This approves her letter
KL III.v.9[Edmund to Cornwall, of Gloucester's letter] which approves him an intelligent party to the advantages of France
MA IV.i.297[Beatrice to Benedick, of Claudio] Is he not approved in the height a villain
Mac[Banquo to King] The temple-haunting martlet, does approve / By his loved mansionry that the heaven's breath / Smells wooingly here
MND II.ii.74[Puck to himself, of his search for an Athenian] On whose eyes I might approve / This flower's force in stirring love
MV III.ii.79[Bassanio to himself] In religion, / What damned error but some sober brow / Will bless it and approve it with a text
Oth II.iii.58[Iago alone] If consequence do but approve my dream
Sonn.147.7[] I desperate now approve / Desire is death
Sonn.70.5[] slander doth but approve, / Thy worth the greater
TC III.ii.172[Troilus to Cressida] True swains in love shall ... / Approve their truths by Troilus
TG V.iv.43[Proteus to Silvia] 'tis the curse in love, and still approved, / When women cannot love where they're beloved! [i.e. it is confirmed by experience]
Tit II.i.35[Chiron to Demetrius, of his fitness for Lavinia's love] that my sword upon thee shall approve
TNK IV.iii.95[Doctor to Wooer] I have seen it approved
WT IV.ii.27[Polixenes to Camillo, of Florizel] Kings are no less unhappy, their issue not being gracious, than they are in losing them when they have approved their virtues

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