cell (n.)
small humble dwelling
RJ II.ii.192[Romeo alone] Hence will I to my ghostly Friar's close cell
RJ II.iv.178[Romeo to Nurse, of Juliet] she shall at Friar Laurence' cell / Be shrived and married
RJ V.ii.22.1[Friar Laurence to Friar John] Get me an iron crow and bring it straight / Unto my cell
RJ V.iii.242[Friar to Prince, of Juliet] in my cell there would she kill herself
RJ V.iii.255[Friar to Prince, of Juliet] Meaning to keep her closely at my cell
Tem I.ii.20[Prospero to Miranda] I am ... master of a full poor cell
Tem I.ii.347[Prospero to Caliban] [I] lodged thee / In mine own cell
Tem IV.i.195[Caliban to Stephano and Trinculo, of Prospero] We now are near his cell
Tem V.i.10[Ariel to Prospero] In the line-grove which weather-fends your cell
Tem V.i.166[Prospero to Alonso] This cell's my court
Tem V.i.292[Prospero to Caliban] Go, sirrah, to my cell
Tem V.i.302[Prospero to Alonso] I invite your highness and your train / To my poor cell