chance (n.)
event, occurrence, situation [especially, bad]
1H6 I.iv.72[Talbot to all] What chance is this that suddenly hath crossed us?
2H4 IV.ii.81[Archbishop to Mowbray] Against ill chances men are ever merry, / But heaviness foreruns the good event
3H6 II.v.107[King to himself, of deaths in battle] How will the country for these woeful chances / Misthink the King and not be satisfied!
Cym IV.iii.35[Cymbeline to First Lord] We fear not / What can from Italy annoy us, but / We grieve at chances here
Cym V.v.392[Cymbeline to all, of his questions] These ... should be demanded / And all the other by-dependances, / From chance to chance
Ham V.ii.328[Hamlet to all] You that look pale and tremble at this chance
Luc.1706[Lucrece to all, of the rape] May any terms acquit me from this chance?
Mac II.iii.88[Macbeth to all] Had I but died an hour before this chance / I had lived a blessed time
Oth I.iii.133[Othello to all] I spake of most disastrous chances
TNK V.iii.60[Emilia to herself] what pity / Enough for such a chance? [i.e. how could there be enough pity for such a disaster]
TS I.ii.45[Hortensio to Petruchio, of Grumio] this's a heavy chance 'twixt him and you