chance (n.)
fortune, lot, destiny
2H4 III.i.51[King Henry IV to Warwick and Surrey] how chance's mocks / And changes fill the cup of alteration / With divers liquors!
AC II.iii.36[Antony alone, of Caesar] in our sports my better cunning faints / Under his chance
AC III.x.35[Enobarbus to all] I'll yet follow / The wounded chance of Antony
AC V.ii.174[Cleopatra to Seleucus] go hence, / Or I shall show the cinders of my spirits / Through th'ashes of my chance
KL III.vii.78[First Servant to Cornwall, as they fight] come on, and take the chance of anger
Luc.1596[of Collatine and Lucrece] Both stood like old acquaintance in a trance ... wondering each other's chance
MV II.i.43[Morocco to Portia] bring me unto my chance
TC III.iii.131[Ulysses to Achilles, of Ajax] Now shall we see tomorrow - / An act that very chance doth throw upon him
Tit IV.ii.78[Demetrius to Aaron, of Tamora] Woe to her chance
TNK I.ii.116[Arcite to Palamon] let us follow / The becking of our chance

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