charge (n.)
company, command
1H4 II.iv.530[Prince Hal to Peto, of Falstaff] I'll procure this fat rogue a charge of foot
1H4 III.ii.161[King Henry to Prince Hal] Thou shalt have charge and sovereign trust herein
1H4 III.iii.184[Prince Hal to Falstaff] I have procured thee ... a charge of foot
1H4 III.iii.198[Prince Hal to Falstaff, of the Temple hall] There shalt thou know thy charge
1H4 IV.ii.23[Falstaff alone, of his soldiers] my whole charge consists of ancients, corporals
1H4 V.i.118[King Henry to all] Hence ... every leader to his charge
2H4 I.ii.62[Servant to Lord Chief Justice, of Falstaff] he ... is now going with some charge to the Lord John of Lancaster
Cor IV.iii.40[Volsce to Roman, of the Volscian army] The centurions and their charges distinctly billeted
H5 IV.iii.6[Salisbury to all] I'll to my charge
JC IV.ii.48[Cassius to Pindarus] Bid our commanders lead their charges off / A little from this ground
R3 V.iii.25[Richmond to all] I'll ... / Limit each leader to his several charge

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