challenge (v.)
demand as a right, claim, call for, insist on
3H6 III.ii.86[Edward to himself, of Lady Grey] All her perfections challenge sovereignty
3H6[Lieutenant to King] Subjects may challenge nothing of their sovereigns
3H6 IV.vii.23[Edward to Lord Mayor] I challenge nothing but my dukedom
3H6 IV.viii.48[King to Exeter, of his virtues] these graces challenge grace
KL IV.vii.31[Cordelia to Lear] Had you not been their father, these white flakes / Did challenge pity of them
LLL V.ii.438[Princess to King, of his respect for the lady to whom he whispered] When she shall challenge this, you will reject her
LLL V.ii.800[Princess to King] at the expiration of the year, / Come challenge me
Oth I.iii.186[Desdemona to Brabantio] so much duty as my mother showed / To you, ... / So much I challenge
Oth II.i.205[Othello to Iago, of the Master] his worthiness / Does challenge much respect
R2 II.iii.133[Bolingbroke to York] I am a subject, / And I challenge law [i.e. demand my rights]
RJ III.v.215[Nurse to Juliet] Romeo is banished; and all the world to nothing / That he dares ne'er come back to challenge you