appetite (n.)
desire, longing, inclination, fancy
Oth II.iii.337[Iago alone, of Othello and Desdemona] her appetite shall play the god / With his weak function
Sonn.147.4[] Th'uncertain sickly appetite to please
TC I.iii.120[Ulysses to all] everything includes itself in power, / Power into will, will into appetite
TC III.iii.238[Achilles to Patroclus] I have ... / An appetite that I am sick withal, / To see great Hector in his weeds of peace
TC V.v.27[Nestor to all, of Hector] Dexterity so obeying appetite / That what he will he does
TN I.i.3[Orsino to all, of his longing for music] surfeiting, / The appetite may sicken, and so die
TN II.iv.96[Orsino to Viola as Cesario, of women] their love may be called appetite
Ven.34[of Adonis] With leaden appetite, unapt to toy

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