imperious, emperious (adj.)
imperial, majestic, sovereign
1H6 III.i.44[Winchester to Gloucester] what are you, I pray, / But one imperious in another's throne? [i.e. acting like a king]
2H4 I.i.62[Northumberland to Lord Bardolph, of Morton's expression] So looks the strand whereon the imperious flood / Hath left a witnessed usurpation
2H4 III.i.20[King Henry IV alone, of sleep affecting a ship-boy] Wilt thou ... rock his brains / In cradle of the rude imperious surge
AC IV.xv.23[Cleopatra to Antony] Not th'imperious show / Of the full-fortuned Caesar ever shall / Be brooched with me
Cym IV.ii.35[Innogen to herself] Th'emperious seas breed monsters
Ham V.i.209[Hamlet to Horatio] Imperious Caesar [Q1,Q2; F Imperiall]
TC IV.v.172[Hector to Agamemnon] I thank thee, most imperious Agamemnon
Tit I.i.253[Titus to Saturninus, of his sword, prisoner, and chariot] Presents well worthy Rome's imperious lord
Ven.996[of Venus and death] She clepes him ... / Imperious supreme of all mortal things