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import (v.)
signify, mean, suggest
Ham IV.iii.65[Claudius alone, as if to the King of England] Our sovereign process, which imports at full ... / The present death of Hamlet
Ham IV.vii.80[Claudius to Laertes, of old age] his sables and his weeds, / Importing health and graveness
Ham V.ii.126[Hamlet to Osrick, of Laertes] What imports the nomination of this gentleman?
KJ IV.iii.17[Salisbury to Pembroke, of Melun] Whose private with me of the Dauphin's love / Is much more general than these lines import
KL IV.v.6[Regan to Oswald, of Edmund] What might import my sister's letter to him?
MM V.i.108[Duke to Isabella, of Angelo] it imports no reason / That with such vehemency he should pursue / Faults proper to himself [i.e. it makes no sense]
Oth IV.ii.30[Desdemona to Othello] what doth your speech import?
Sonn.122.14[] To keep an adjunct to remember thee, / Were to import forgetfulness in me
Tim V.ii.11[Messenger to Senators, of a courier with letters from Alcibiades to Timon] which imported / His fellowship i'th' cause against your city
WT I.ii.57[Polixenes to Hermione] To be your prisoner should import offending

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