incensed (adj.) Old form(s): insenced
inflamed, angered, enraged
2H4 I.iii.14[Hastings to Archbishop, of Northumberland] whose bosom burns / With an incensed fire of injuries
H8 I.ii.65[Queen Katherine to King Henry, of the people] This tractable obedience is a slave / To each incensed will
Ham V.ii.61[Hamlet to Horatio] Between the pass and fell incensed points / Of mighty opposites
KJ III.i.238[King Philip to Cardinal Pandulph, of French and English hands] where revenge did paint / The fearful indifference of incensed kings
KJ IV.ii.261[King John to Hubert, of the peers learning that Arthur is alive] Throw this report on their incensed rage
LLL V.ii.694[Dumaine to all, of Armado and Costard] Room for the incensed Worthies
Per V.i.143[Pericles to Marina] thou [art] by some incensed god sent hither

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