arrant (adj.) Old form(s): arrand
downright, absolute, unmitigated
1H4 II.ii.98[Falstaff to all] An the Prince and Poins be not two arrant cowards there's no equity stirring
2H4 II.i.37[Hostess to Fang and Snare] that arrant malmsey-nose knave Bardolph
2H4 V.i.28[Shallow to Davy, of Falstaff's men] they are arrant knaves, and will backbite
2H4 V.i.36[Shallow to Davy] that Visor is an arrant knave, on my knowledge
2H4 V.iv.1[Hostess to First Beadle] thou arrant knave!
H5[Gower to Fluellen, of Pistol] Why, this is an arrant counterfeit rascal
H5 IV.vii.137[Fluellen to King Henry, of someone not keeping his oath] his reputation is as arrant a villain and a Jack-sauce as ever his black shoe trod upon God's ground
H5 IV.vii.2[Fluellen to Gower, of the boys being killed] 'tis as arrant a piece of knavery, mark you now, as can be offert
H5 IV.viii.34[Fluellen to King Henry, of Williams] what an arrant, rascally, beggarly, lousy knave it is
H5 IV.viii.9[Fluellen to and of Williams] 'Sblood! an arrant traitor as any's in the universal world
Ham I.v.124[Hamlet to Horatio and Marcellus] There's never a villain dwelling in all Denmark - / But he's an arrant knave
Ham III.i.129[Hamlet to Ophelia] We are arrant knaves all
KL II.iv.50[Fool to all] Fortune, that arrant whore
MA III.v.30[Verges to Leonato] our watch tonight ... ha' ta'en a couple of as arrant knaves as any in Messina
MA V.i.307[Dogberry to Leonato] I leave an arrant knave with your worship
Tim IV.iii.439[Timon to Bandits] The moon's an arrant thief