ill (adj.)
poor, inadequate, miserable
Ham II.ii.110[Polonius to Claudius and Gertrude, reading Hamlet's letter] ‘the most beautified Ophelia’--That's an ill phrase, a vile phrase
JC IV.ii.7[Brutus to Pindarus, of Cassius] In his own change, or by ill officers, / Hath given me some worthy cause to wish / Things done undone
MA II.iii.77[Balthasar to Don Pedro, of himself] an ill singer, my lord
MW II.ii.86[Mistress Quickly to Falstaff, of Mistress Ford and her husband] the sweet woman leads an ill life with him
PP.1.8[Pilgrim, of his love] I smiling credit her false-speaking tongue, / Outfacing faults in love with love's ill rest
RJ IV.ii.3[Servingman to Capulet, of hiring cooks] You shall have none ill, sir
TG III.ii.40[Proteus to Duke, of betraying Valentine] 'Tis an ill office for a gentleman
TNK V.ii.95[Gaoler's Daughter to Gaoler, of the Wooer she thinks of as Palamon] Alas, poor chicken, / He was kept down with hard meat and ill lodging