image (n.)
embodiment, instance, form
2H4 V.ii.74[Lord Chief Justice to King Henry V, of King Henry IV] The image of his power lay then in me
2H6 I.iii.174[Warwick to Suffolk] Image of pride, why should I hold my peace?
E3 III.iii.202[Artois to Prince Edward] transform thy gazing foes / To senseless images of meagre death
KL I.ii.172[Edmund to Edgar] I have told you what I have seen and heard but faintly, nothing like the image and horror of it [i.e. the horrifying picture of it]
KL II.iv.86[Lear to Gloucester, of Regan's excuses] The images of revolt and flying-off
KL V.iii.262.1[Edgar to all, of the end of the world seen in Lear and dead Cordelia] Or image of that horror?
Mac II.iii.75[Macduff to all] up, and see / The Great Doom's image!
MW[Fenton to Host] The image of the jest / I'll show you here at large [i.e. the form the jest will take]
TS induction.1.33[Lord to sleeping Sly] Grim death, how foul and loathsome is thine image!