ill (n.) Old form(s): illes
trouble, affliction, misfortune
AC I.ii.111[Antony to Messenger] we bring forth weeds / When our quick winds lie still, and our ills told us / Is as our earing
Cym III.iii.54[Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus, of life at court] many times, / Doth ill deserve by doing well
E3 IV.v.123[King John to Salisbury, of King Edward] tell the king this is not all his ill
Per II.i.134[Pericles to Fishermen] My shipwreck now's no ill, / Since I have here my father gave in his will
Per II.i.167[Pericles to Fishermen] This day I'll rise, or else add ill to ill
R2 III.iii.170[Richard to Aumerle, of their imagined fate] Would not this ill do well?
R3 I.ii.112[Anne to Richard] Ill rest betide the chamber where thou liest!
TNK V.iv.26[Palamon to Gaoler, of the Gaoler's Daughter] I heard she was not well; her kind of ill / Gave me some sorrow

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