ingrateful (adj.) Old form(s): ingratefull
ungrateful, unappreciative
Cor II.iii.10[Third Citizen to First Citizen] for the multitude to be ingrateful were to make a monster of the multitude
H5 II.ii.95[King Henry to Scroop] thou cruel, / Ingrateful, savage, and inhuman creature
KJ V.vii.43[King John to all] I beg cold comfort; and you are so strait / And so ingrateful you deny me that
KL II.iv.158[Lear to Regan, of Gonerill] All the stored vengeances of heaven fall / On her ingrateful top!
KL III.ii.9[Lear to the storm] all germens spill at once / That makes ingrateful man
KL III.vii.28[Regan to all, of Gloucester] Ingrateful fox
Tim IV.ii.45[Flavius alone, of Timon] He's flung in rage from this ingrateful seat / Of monstrous friends
Tim IV.iii.189[Timon alone, of the earth] Let it no more bring out ingrateful man
Tit V.i.12[First Goth to Lucius, of Titus] Whose high exploits and honourable deeds / Ingrateful Rome requites with foul contempt
TN V.i.75[Antonio to Orsino, of Viola as Cesario] That most ingrateful boy there by your side
WT III.ii.185[Paulina to Leontes, of his betrayal of Polixenes] That did but show thee of a fool inconstant, / And damnable ingrateful